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With the rise of digital transformation and cloud computing, many businesses are in dire need of a scalable, reliable and flexible network. In response to this need, our new HKT Managed SD-WAN Service is designed specifically to help enterprises simplify network deployment, prioritize their applications, and secure interconnection between branches. Regardless of the network you are currently using (MPLS or Internet), our service can help address your various business needs by optimizing your WANs.


  • Allows application traffic to be forwarded across the enterprise WAN, with performance management and WAN link optimization
  • Simplifies network provisioning and the management platform to aid network planning, operation and diagnostics
  • Ensures data integrity and network security with end-to-end industry-standard authentication and encryption
  • Combines SD-WAN with other HKT network and cloud connectivity services for a total business solution


Global Coverage

Operates multiple major global gateways powered by extensive, high-quality network coverage

Cost Efficiency

Reduces network costs by leveraging cost-effective Internet use for non-critical applications with the application awareness routing technology

Enhanced performance

Selects the most-appropriate path across the SD-WAN network to optimize the performance of each application, and enhance the user experience

Ease of management

Improves enterprises visibility and centralized control of distributed networks, and quick identification of faults no matter where they are

Fast Provisioning

Provides superior network administration, centralized management and auto dispatch reduces lead time to customer service points

Strengthened Resiliency

Assures business continuity for branch offices regardless of their size and location

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  • We work with industry-leading partners to provide the ideal solution for every business
  • Our engineering expertise and quality-focused culture deliver a premium customer experience
  • We offer a 24/7 service commitment with comprehensive network management, monitoring and hotline support
  • We provide a wide range of Value Added Services (VAS) for network and cloud connectivity

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