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HKT's MPCS solutions are ideal for large and medium-sized enterprises seeking to implement high-quality remote conferencing systems in order to facilitate cross-regional collaboration.

Product information

Untold numbers of business people conduct conferences and negotiations via our telephone conferencing platform every day. And more than 4,000 enterprises, including many of the world's top-500 businesses, choose HKT Multi-party Communications Service to reach most parts of the world including more that 300 cities in Greater China.

Instant conference application scenarios

Instant session features

Anytime, anywhere and no need to book

  • Fixed password and no advance booking
  • All that's needed is a mobile phone or landline to meet any time

Easy to use, efficient and quick

  • Active calls: Dial access number and enter conference password to join
  • Incoming calls: Answer incoming calls to join
  • Control meeting with phone buttons

Low cost, high quality

  • If any problem, please dial *0 and a conference assistant will help
  • Mainland China local/400/800 and overseas countries can access capability to help companies reduce communications costs
  • Help companies reduce travel costs
HKT's trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide some of such solutions