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Cyber threats continuously evolve. You need a reliable cybersecurity partner which offers you comprehensive defense. HKT brings you the best of both worlds of global capability and local expertise.
Our cybersecurity solutions combine: Threat Management Services, Continuous Vulnerability Assessment, Management Firewall and Web Applications Firewall, Endpoint Threat Protection into an integrated security suite alongside Managed Security Services and Professional Services.

Threat Management Services

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Management Firewall and Web Applications Firewall

Endpoint Threat Protection

Threat Management Services

Take the burden of cybersecurity off your shoulders.Nowadays cybersecurity threats are a constant worry for every company of every size. Month by month, they become more dangerous, more sophisticated and harder to combat. No company is immune, and the risks cannot be ignored. At HKT we understand the problem and our Threat Management Services (TMS) are set up to take the entire burden of cybersecurity off your shoulders.

Product Advantage

Cutting-edge solutionsBy utilizing the latest security technology, a vast database of local and global cyber-threat intelligence, and our local teams of professionally certified security experts, we are able to analyze, track down and eliminate any cyberthreats to your company.

Proactive & Adaptive SecurityWe built our TMS platform using advanced technology from multiple leaders in global cybersecurity. The cutting-edge platform allows us to provide proactive, highly adaptable security to give worry-free way to secure your company and kick start your "security first" journey with HKT.

Professional Local Incident ResponseWith the finest globally-proven technology together with professionally-trained local expertise, we can provide you a variety of solutions and methods to combat cybersecurity risks and ensure the fastest resolution time without any time lapse or language barriers.

24X7 Cybersecurity supportWe understand that your business cannot be held back by cyber risks. By utilizing a variety of tools with cutting-edge technologies and local professionals, we create a protective shield against common to sophisticated cyber attacks. We are working shoulder-to-shoulder with you on the cyber defense and response strategies offering 24 x 7 protection.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Most companies today are well aware of the increasing threat of cybercrime and understand the need to secure their data, web-based assets and vital corporate information from theft, malware and interference. But to what extent your company vulnerable? According to the Centre for Internet Security (CIS), there are 20 key controls that can reduce your cybersecurity risk by 94%. But prioritizing security vulnerabilities is getting more difficult and more complex. Continuous Vulnerability Management is one important step in the right direction.

Product Advantage

Offload the burden of uncertaintyAccording to external vulnerability threat intelligence and multi-dimensional analysis of key vulnerability risks combined with local assets, we can help you identify assets and vulnerabilities that are likely to be exploited and give Suggestions on priority of repair. By virtue of the important knowledge base related to vulnerabilities, as well as the foresight and insight of risks, enterprises can clearly understand the risks they face, so as to take effective preventive measures to control risks and quickly repair vulnerabilities.

Discovering assets and exposuresYou can't fix what you can't see. So security is always a race between you and the attacker. By using our continuous vulnerability assessment service, you can identify known security exposures and discover assets in your network before attackers find them.

Prioritizing RemediationTo help you focus on what matters most and address critical exposures swiftly, we can help you translate reams of data into actionable information showing the severity levels of your vulnerability. In this way you can optimize resources and prioritize any remediation activities.

Insights for Decision MakingBy understanding the big picture, you can gain clear insights to help you make better decisions and justify any cybersecurity investments to reduce your risk and improve your overall security posture.

Managed Firewall and Web Applications Firewall

Freeing you from the burden of firewall management and safeguard your critical web assets with experts. Protecting your data, business assets and confidential corporate information from being accessed by unauthorized people, has always been important for any business. Today with everything online, deploying firewalls to protect your enterprises and web application is even more important. Monitoring and managing your firewalls 24x7 can be both resource-intensive and time-consuming, yet it is essential.

Product Advantage

Remove Your Monitoring BurdenOur local experts can help you reduce the burden of acquiring additional headcount so you can free up resources to focus on your business.

Keep Up with the Latest ThreatsWe are here to give you peace of mind and make sure your security devices are properly provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats.

Extend your security team with our expertiseFacing the cybersecurity talent shortage, our local expertise means you do not need hire extra staff, and you can keep your existing focused on your business.

Continuous MonitoringOur round-the-clock monitoring will protect you from increasingly sophisticated threats, and inform you of the health status of your firewall and its overall performance trend. Our expert personnel can also help you with configuration, upgrades and patching.

Fast Response to threatsThe certified experts at our Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC), can assess threats, and monitor your firewall and web application firewall, using global cyber threat intelligence to correlate security across your entire environment. You may go to Threat Management Services for more details.

Endpoint Threat Protection

Stop sophisticated endpoint attacks before they get started. With the rise in digitalization and the increasing trend of employees bringing their own devices to work, there has also been a rise in endpoint devices which makes enterprise more susceptible to cyberattacks.
The threats have evolved to a level of sophistication that can now bypass traditional endpoint protection. This means that companies need advanced technologies that can overcome the stealthiest of threats, and provide automatic protection and detection, and respond to known and unknown attacks that target endpoints, which are generally the most vulnerable areas and thus the first point of attack.
Secure your endpoints everywhere. Our Endpoint Threat Protection Services can give you an easy-to-manage and efficient way to combat sophisticated attacks such as malware, exploits and ransomware with cutting edge technology and globally certified experts.

Product Advantage

Discover threats quickly, easily, and continuouslyWith our powerful endpoint protection technology, we can automatically protect, detect and respond to sophisticated known, and unknown attacks, using machine learning and AI techniques from data collected at the endpoint, network and cloud.

Excellent service with great technology and expertiseWith our pool of experienced and globally-certified local experts, together with our cutting-edge technology, we can detect and stop attacks by monitoring for malicious behavior and before it compromise endpoints.


  • "Security First" Network Infrastructure: The "security first" mindset is fundamental to us delivering "Fast. Resolute. End-to-end" solutions to keep your business safe.
  • Global Capabilities & Threat Intelligence: Our ISO 27001-certified Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC) features our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) with our vast local sources and 100+ trusted Global Source Feeds for analysis to promptly hunt and inhibit malicious activities.
  • Dedicated Local Security Expertise: We safeguard your cyber networks with a team of certified security experts at our local Security Operations Centre who hold top cybersecurity certifications.
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