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Product description

HKT Multi Cloud FAST Connect provides fast and stable connectivity to multiple cloud platforms in a way that solves the last-mile problem commonly faced by organizations adopting a cloud computing solution. Our reliable network carries data, voice, images, video and other traffic securely and speedily with the utmost stability.
You can connect to multiple cloud platforms in a low-latency manner in any city or region, and access any enterprise's core business system remotely.

Product features

Outperforms Internet-routed solutions

Data is carried via proprietary facilities and not through the public network, thereby eliminating security worries.

Stable And Reliable

Fully-redundant routing ensure stable and reliable communications, thanks to HKT high-quality infrastructure.

Flexible Topological Structure

Customer data centers, IDCs, offices and public or private clouds can be linked via HKT's VPN or HKT Multi-Cloud FAST Connect capabilities.

High-speed Interoperability

Benefit from low latency and high bandwidth when accessing internal networks directly – even from a distance of thousands of miles.

One-stop service from HKT,
cut the cost of operation and maintenance
Lead time shortened
from 2 months to 15 working days

Service characteristics

Customers can connect to multiple mainstream cloud platforms via Multi Cloud FAST Connect, according to various quality-assurance commitments.
Flexibility and scalability provides bandwidth options to suit differing enterprise needs
Skilled consultancy team accredited with cloud computing certification provides customers with a reliable one-stop service
24/7 network management and hotline support
Integration of outstanding Asia Pacific services
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HKT's trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide some of such solutions