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HKT SkyExchange solutions provide hosting and value-added services to suit all types of corporate client. We provide the same service standards expected in Hong Kong by adhering to a uniform set of service standards and quality. HKT provides a rich of human and material resources to meet the needs of customers in financial, securities, Internet, hi-tech and other industries.

Product advantage

  • 1 service system, 2 networks, 5 cities, 14 Facilities Managed Network Services centers in mainland China
  • Several “Two Areas & Three Centers” service models to provide customers with disaster recovery/redundant services
  • Combination of MPLS VPN/ISP networks to form internal business networks

Service advantage

Integrated network terminal hub:
Interoperability between Hong Kong, mainland China and rest of the world


All our SkyExchange facilities are interconnected, thereby providing a free flow of resources to be shared.

Cross-border connection

A direct connection to a cross-border IP VPN network provides seamless networking with major cities in mainland China.

International reach

Connection to new and existing submarine cables provides high-availability and high-performance international network connectivity to more than 150 countries and regions worldwide.

Cloud connection

We have established partnerships with a number of well-known cloud service providers to help customers achieve direct high-speed interconnection with cloud platforms.

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HKT's trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide some of such solutions