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HKT helps a hotel group reduce network operating costs with an SD-WAN solution

Customer demand

  • The customer is a leading and fast-growing multi-brand hotel group in China. The group operates a portfolio of over 20 distinct hotel brands covering the full spectrum of market segments. They have over 6,700 hotels in operation, including owned and franchised hotels, with over 100,000 staff. The customer plans to open 10,000 new franchised stores in more than 2,000 counties in China in 2022.
  • In order to maintain smooth end-to-end data transmission between all the hotels across the country and the Shanghai Headquarters office, as well as reducing network operation costs in a highly-reliable network, the customer needs high-quality and flexible bandwidth connectivity solutions to ensure stability during surges in network traffic.

HKT advantage

  • HKT has the strong project management experience and an impressive track record in chain businesses. This includes platform and system capabilities, which can fulfil the customers’ requirements for fast stores openings and rapid expansion, and deliver onsite implementation in cities across the country along with satisfactory maintenance services.
  • HKT developed a solution that matched the customer’s existing network architecture and business development needs in a quick and timely manner. HKT experts then deployed a complete SD-WAN solution on the public cloud in just over a week to prepare for client-side testing.

Customer income

  • HKT’s SD-WAN solution helped the customer reduce their network operating costs by over 40% from their previous MPLS leased lines, and also helped the customer to improve efficiency and ultimately profit during the pandemic-wracked economy, despite the increased costs brought about by the expansion of the stores.
  • By leveraging their network resources in China, HKT built the entire SD-WAN backbone for the customer in the cloud. As a result, the SD-WAN solution fulfilled the robustness, flexibility and scalability requirements of the customer to support their multiple stores openings while, the same time, ensuring the stability of data transmission.
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