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HKT’s SD-WAN solution boosts productivity for a leading lingerie fashion brand

Customer demand

  • The customer is a famous fashion lingerie brand which designs and manufactures lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and home leisure wear. Established in 2002, the brand has more than 300 outlets worldwide including China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The client also has experience in lingerie manufacturing with factories in Shenzhen, Heyuan and Shanghai.
  • Customer Needs
  • From design to production, the customer offers one-stop services. However, with the large number of orders and their extensive global network, the original MPLS network was incapable of transmitting the massive amount of data from the headquarter in Hong Kong to their factories, resulting in slow production and order delays.
  • Employees also reported that network connection instability slowed down their data access on the cloud platform.
  • The customer's existing network architecture was costly with high capital investment requirement for hardware. In addition, network configuration was too complicated. In the absence of professional IT operation and maintenance staff, network operation and maintenance management were time consuming, hard and costly.

HKT advantage

  • As an experienced telecom service provider, after understanding the problems faced by our clients and their needs, HKT would be able to quickly find out the root cause, carry out analysis and examination and provide professional and reliable solutions for our clients.
  • From network planning to maintenance to diagnosing network issues, HKT’s visual management platform would help clients speed up process and reduce time for deployment and maintenance.

Customer income

  • With HKT’s SD-WAN solution, the customer immediately enjoys faster, smoother and stabler network transmission between its headquarter and factories. It helps the customer to speed up its production process and improve its overall productivity.
  • The SD-WAN solution significantly improves employees’ access to company data on the cloud platform, improving office efficiency.
  • HKT’s SD-WAN solution helps customers improve their network planning, with simplified network configuration, stable and reliable data transmission speed and high quality networking service. It helps resolve network quality issues and significantly lower network, operation and maintenance costs.