Effortless Worldwide Communication, HKT Hosted Video Conference Services

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HKT's Hosted Video Conference Service (HVCS) is built on our global backbone network and video-conferencing nodes to provide seamless access to carrier-grade, high-definition, secure, multi-terminal, cross-platform videoconferencing services worldwide.
HVCS will automatically match you with the optimal conferencing nodes, no matter where you are to ensure the most effective internal and external communication.

HVCS supports

Product advantages

Stable and
reliable connectivity

Enjoy a seamless video conferencing powered by our extensive high-quality network coverage

User Convenience

Join meetings through desktops, tables or mobile

One-stop services

Provide 24/7 remote assistance

Flexible expansion

Enable easy scalability with a frictionless deployment

Cost efficiency

Reduce upfront investment, maintenance and travel cost while enjoying our professional IT support

High security

Communicate securely with end-to-end industry-standard encryption

HKT's trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide some of such solutions