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HKT's International Leased Circuit run on fully-managed international circuits, providing China to Hong Kong end-to-end connecting for WAN routing, flow level and other independent management. The service is based on SDH/ETHERNET technology and connected in collaboration of China's infrastructure operators to establish a secure cross boundary communications facility.

HKT's International line connectivity for a perfect solution provides reliable end-to-end connectivity for WAN routing, flow level and other independent management. Our solutions support one-stop voice, video and data applications.

Access mode

Product advantage

Wide network coverage

Customer's Hong Kong end enjoys high quality network coverage, which provides redundancy routing to ensure stability. Customer's China end benefits from platforms run by multiple operators to provide multi-point backup.

One-stop solution

HKT's International Leased Circuit combine with FMNS (Facilities Managed Network Service) to provide a one-stop (WAN)+ (LAN) arrangement that simplifies project management while saving time and manpower.

High-quality network

HKT collaborates with domestic infrastructure operators to meet customer network demands, while ensuring high reliability. We provide the shortest route and lowest latency solutions in major financial cities.

CNMS network monitoring system

HKT's network management service enables customers to monitor their own independent network status at any one time to check on flow, availability and usage of rental equipment usage. All this establishes a reliable basis for evaluating and managing a customer's network.

Service advantage

One-stop service

Once a customer signs an order, HKT will arrange circuit installation in each of Hong Kong and mainland China

Skilled technical team

Skilled sales and technical team staff conduct feasibility studies and design reliable solutions for customers

Customer Service Center

HKT Customer Service Center provides 24/7 coverage to meet customer needs at all times of the day and night.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

HKT's core Network Operations Center (NOC) is highly respected by the industry for its high standards of service delivery.

We are launching an early-warning service to flag up unexpected problems before they occur. This will allow to customers to respond rapidly and improve work efficiency.

Service and Quality Guarantee

Our Service and Quality Guarantee (SLG) promises high quality and reliability.

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HKT's trustworthy alliance parties in Greater China will provide some of such solutions