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HKT Embraces the GBA Planning and Empowers Digital Transformation for Enterprises


Great potential supported by HKSAR Government’s positive initiatives

According to relevant data, the Greater Bay Area comprises nine municipalities in the Pearl River Delta, and the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao. With a land area and population of less than 1% and 5% respectively of the total in China, the region contributes to 12% of the country’s GDP. As a part of this vibrant region, Hong Kong has an important role to play in the regional development. Leveraging on its advantages, including being the world’s premier international financial center, robust legal system, open business environment, free economic system, well-established infrastructure and transportation system, and talents with extensive knowledge on global markets, Hong Kong is well prepared to promote and support the economic development within the Greater Bay Area, to enhance the region’s role and in the country’s two-way opening up, while facilitating the development of industries in which Hong Kong’s strengths lie, and striving to achieve synergy with Mainland cities through complementing each other’s strengths.

The HKSAR Government gives top priority to the development of Greater Bay Area. It has developed long-term planning and commenced its involvement in promoting the development of the region. The plan addresses and clarifies the positioning of Hong Kong in the Fourteenth Five-year Plan, the issue about integration of the city into the Greater Bay Area, and its blueprint to build the Northern Metropolis. It is expected that the successful implementation of the plan will make a great difference to the local landscape of economic development zones. Two metropolises, namely the Harbour Metropolis, signifying its position as an International Financial Centre, and the Northern Metropolis, being an International I&T Hub, will emerge and completely changes the structure of spatial economic structure with the northern part of Hong Kong relatively underdeveloped in favor of the southern part. The HKSAR Government has taken the lead in carrying out initiatives in the Greater Bay Area, while the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau has also set up the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Office. Going forward, focus will be placed on building the innovation hub, and on continually strengthening the interconnection among cities within the Greater Bay Area through innovation and breakthrough in policies.

HKT promotes the application of information technology in the Greater Bay Area through proactive business expansion

Developing the Greater Bay Area into a smart eco-region and achieving the connection and sharing among the cities in the Greater Bay Area through information technology, is not just about technology, and requires long-term planning and construction. As a leading one-stop telecom service provider, HKT is committed to providing application solutions with world-class service standard, including SD-WAN, IPVPN, Premium Internet access, multi-party communications and cybersecurity service, all of which are innovative technologies offered in collaboration with leading partners in the industry, and are designed to meet the increasing digital and information needs of domestic enterprises. Apart from these solutions, HKT also delivers 7x24 proactive network monitoring service, which enables convenient, flexible and secure interconnection, thus offering hassle-free support for business development.

As a pilot initiative for China’s multi-system and integrated development, the Greater Bay Area will continue to be an economic powerhouse and spearhead the transition of the nation’s economy to high-quality development. While bringing challenges to many enterprises, the emergence of the Greater Bay Area also boosts the next iteration and upgrade of information and communication technology. HKT will proactively support enterprises in their business development within the Greater Bay Area, jointly promote the coordinated growth of the region, unleash the vitality of the economic and innovation-driven development, and empower the digital transformation of various sectors as always.