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Helpful Wi-Fi Manager: HKT’s Managed Wi-Fi Service Officially Goes Live!


 Maybe you have this experience: When you arrive in a new place, your first question would be, “Is there free Wi-Fi?” Maybe your data plan is not enough, but in most cases it’s because the mobile phone signal is poor!

As an “infrastructure” technology, Wi-Fi needs to satisfy connection demands in different scenarios, especially in chain stores, shopping malls, medium and large enterprises, hotels, airports, etc. And Wi-Fi is used by a great variety of devices. In order to ensure good Wi-Fi access, network providers need to solve problems.

In view of the Wi-Fi demands in public places, as well as the challenges of network operation and maintenance faced by network providers, HKT has launched a one-stop commercial Wi-Fi management solution for unified Wi-Fi deployment and management. The all-in-one high-quality telecommunications service ensures a worry-free Wi-Fi network for you.

HKT’s whole-process managed Wi-Fi service can provide customers with a better user experience and save up-front project costs. HKT can match products with customers’ network environments. As a result, customers do not need to procure fixed assets in the early stage, thus reducing related investment and allowing customers to focus on their core operations.

In addition, HKT’s Managed Wi-Fi service helps customers reduce operation and maintenance costs. HKT has a strong operation and maintenance management team and an excellent service system. The Network Operations Centre provides around-the-clock services in terms of real-time network and equipment monitoring, operation & maintenance, troubleshooting, and remote technical support. A team of expert engineers support door-to-door services in more than 300 tier-1 to tier-5 cities nationwide. Alternatively, customers can enjoy more effective services via the 400 service hotline or the self-service App, for one-key fault reporting, work order management, operation and maintenance statistics, etc.

HKT’s Managed Wi-Fi service complies with national regulatory requirements and is safe and secure. The Wi-Fi authentication system supports login authentication via SMS, WeChat or username & password, to meet the different needs of customers.

Advantages of HKT’s Managed Wi-Fi service

More and more companies choose high-quality commercial Wi-Fi management services to enhance consumer stickiness and to gain more benefits. As an outstanding provider of one-stop ICT services, HKT offers network solutions with higher performance and greater availability in the field of enterprise Wi-Fi deployment.