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HKT Helps Huizhou in Digital Empowerment

2021-07-24 -Huizhou -Digital Empowerment for Transformation

A summit entitled “Digital Empowerment for Transformation”, organised by the Huizhou Association of Chief Information Officer, was held in the southern Chinese city on 24 July. Participants discussed the digital construction of enterprises in Huizhou and jointly explored the development of information technology (IT) and CIOs. As a special guest, HKT set up a booth to share its experience in digital transformation with more than 200 corporate members of the Association, and showcased its latest IT products and services.

According to the “Recommendations of the CPC Huizhou Municipal Committee on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development”, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Huizhou will make full efforts to build a “2+1” modern industrial cluster and a new industrial system, so as to promote the digital transformation of its industries. At present, Huizhou is building a “1+2+x”industry landscape, with intelligent manufacturing and healthcare as two pillar industries, together with strategic clusters of emerging industries such as headquarters finance, high-end modern services and industries of the future.

In view of that, HKT focused on the digital transformation of various industries in Huizhou and introduced how HKT's network and end-to-end supporting services could become a trusted partner of local enterprises. As advanced manufacturers in Huizhou require multi-path network connection, multi-branch unified management platforms, and high-availability networks, HKT’s Managed SD-WAN service and related network solutions will be of great help.

The SD-WAN network technology can integrate various dedicated lines as well as internet and other line resources, automatically detecting network performance, so that the network lines of companies can be fully utilised. That, coupled with HKT’s network backbone coverage in the Greater Bay Area, Greater China Region, and even more than 160 countries and regions around the world, enables companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency and to expand their business from the Greater Bay Area to the whole world in a smooth and worry-free manner.

(Representatives of HKT communicated with CIOs in Huizhou at the booth)