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HKT held sharing about the Informatization Development in “New Normal” for Foreign-Funded Enterprise

2020-09-14 -Chongqing -“Sharing Session on Digital Transformation in a Global Perspective”

On 11 September 2020, HKT held the “Sharing Sessionon Digital Transformation in a Global Perspective” for the members of ChongqingAssociation of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. Together with experts from Microsoftand PwC, HKT analyzed and shared the informatization development in “newnormal” for enterprises with three keywords, “security”, “agility” and “collaboration”.

The unexpected epidemic outbreak this year has put all sectors inChongqing into a harsh situation. Currently the global pandemic is not yet underfull control. Thus, digital and intelligent transformation have been widelyrecognized by more and more traditional enterprises. According to Satya Nadella,CEO of Microsoft, due to the pandemic, it took enterprises only 2 months to completedigital transformation which should be taken 2 years in normal. Many enterprisesin Chongqing have expressed their intention to adopt cloud computing or onlineplatforms, with a view to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Relevant governmentdepartments also encourage enterprises to implement intelligent transformation,including sponsoring 10 industry Internet platforms with competitive edges aswell as 10,000 enterprises which wish to adopt cloud computing.

According to a survey madeby a research institute, IDC InfoBrief, in April this year, enterprises hadincreased IT expenses in order to ensure the continuity of business operationduring the period of the pandemic. Among these, the expense on cloud computing sawthe largest increase of 17%, followed by the expense on cyber security. Developmentof applications related to remote working, including data storage and employeetraining was boosted. For foreign-funded enterprises, given travel restrictions,they have to maintain the continuity and flexibility of business by adapting toremote working and the new mode of communication as well as utilizing technicalsolutions appropriately.

(Experts from Microsoft and PwC deliver speeches focused on two keyissues of digital transformation, collaboration and security)

Mr. Zhang Junsen, before-salestechnical consultant of Microsoft, highlighted how their state-of-the-art clouddesktop collaboration platform changed the traditional working environment thatrelied heavily on single equipment, lacked unified management, maintenance andsupport. The platform enhanced creativity and productivity by providing theteam of an enterprise with a visualized, flexible, simple and convenient platformthrough comprehensive solutions within Microsoft’s ecosystem including Win10, Azure,O365, Teams and Power BI. Mr. Liu Feng, senior manager, Risk and Control ServiceDepartment of PwC, focused on the topic of cyber security. He introducedvarious technologies to detect network vulnerabilities and how to prevent cyberattacks. In light of the characteristics of foreign-funded enterprises inChongqing, Liu Feng further shared cases of threat intelligence of foreign-fundedenterprises in China and provided professional advice on how a foreign-funded enterprisecould establish a proactive prevention system and an operating platform.

(Mr. Zhou Che introduces HKT’s presence in Greater China and its servicestrength to guests)

Mr. Zhou Che, solutionconsultant for business customers in China region, helped participants to understand the importance ofnetwork connectivity to the digital transformation of enterprises through a visualizedpresentation. In particular, for a foreign-funded enterprise which has a largenumber of subsidiaries located in different regions, a secure and highly efficientnetwork can ensure stable and smooth cross-regional connectivity while deliveringexcellent performance. An operator compliant with laws and regulations can helpa foreign-funded enterprise avoid a “zigzag” course when entering China, so theenterprise can mainly focus onits business. HKT’s network solution can fully meet these needs. The comprehensivemanaged SD-WAN solution integrates leased line, with access to thebackbone network covering more than 3,000 cities. The solution providesone-stop connection to mainstream cloud platforms and international datacenters while optimizing the connectivity experience in cloud applications suchas O365 and Azure, thereby increasing the efficiency of communication for aforeign-funded enterprise in the use of digital tools including collaborationtools, video conferencing and cyber security.