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HKT provides enterprises in Jiangsu with comprehensive network solution to help them reduce costs

2020-09-14 -Wuxi -“How to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the post-pandemic era” (Wuxi stop)

On13 September 2020, the special sharingsection “How toreduce costs and increase efficiency in the post-pandemic era” (Wuxi stop) washeld at Sheraton Hotel successfully. Promoted by the IT Managers’ Club ofSuzhou, Wuxi and Changzhouregion (SXC), theevent was co-organized by HKT and Jabra, there weremore than 30 CIO guests from outstanding enterprises of various sectors in SXC region and other regions of Jiangsu Province.

As everyone knows, challenges have been emerging inboth the international and the domestic economic environment in 2020. Different kind of enterprises, forexample, largeand medium-sized enterprises thatengaged in diversifiedbusinesses, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises which haveestablished international presence as well as foreign-fundedenterprises that set up factories in China are all under significant pressure in their operation. Inorder to survive in the economic hard time, theyhave to reduce costs and increase management efficiency while ensuring smooth businessoperation. For this case, informatization tools have demonstrated their importance inreducing manpower input and supporting the collaboration within an enterprise. Therefore,such tools have been valued by managers of enterprises widely, and are adopted quickly to help enterprises deal with their urgentissues.

Currently, how should an enterprise enhance the efficiencyof communication and collaboration with its subsidiaries in or outside China, or its overseas head office while travel restriction is in place? How should a foreign-funded factoryaccess to its overseas data center securely and high effectively to ensure normal business operation whileminimizing the costs? In respect of suchissues which enterprises in Jiangsu Province face, Lu Kaimin, Solution Consultantof HKT, shared the successful cases of HKT in the past years. Inparticular, in the post-pandemic era, as enterprises of all sectors endeavor tocarry through by cutting costs, SD-WAN solution is definitely the preferredchoice for an enterprise to set up a network. In the past, enterprises adopted leased lines to establish networks, which involved ahigher cost per MB, especially for the overseas sites. The network of HKT’s SD-WAN solution covers more than 160 countries andregions worldwide while implementing centralizedmanagement to reduce operating and maintenance costs, it ensures intelligentrouting to increase network efficiency. HKT’s specialists with extensive ICT expertise,coupled with 7x24 professional customer service and integrated networkmanagement solution, help customers achieve unified full-process andnetwork-wide monitoring, thereby enabling hassle-free IT operation andmaintenance management for customers.

Afterthat, inorder to enhance communication and collaboration, the speaker from Jabra also delivered a fascinating speech titled “Full empowerment in collaboratedwork of enterprises”, introducing how Jabra’s headsets, cameras andcommunication solutions served enterprises of all sectors in more than 100countries and regions.


(LuKaimin from HKT introduces SD-WAN solution)