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HKT helps beverage manufacturer reduce network costs by optimising network structure with SD-WAN

Customer demand

  • The customer’s company is a well-known Hong Kong beverage company, which has been established for more than 60 years. Over the years, the company has expanded its business from milk beverage brands into a wide variety of beverages including fruit juice and teas. Headquarters is located in Hong Kong, with multiple factories in major cities in mainland China.
  • The customer emphasised their need for data transmission stability, especially among their factory production lines in Foshan, Wuhan, Dongguan and Shanghai. As their network structure, with main and backup MPLS dedicated lines, was costly and their network resources were not being utilised effectively, they approached HKT for a reorganisation of their network architecture to optimise costs while maintaining service quality.

HKT advantage

  • HKT has extensive experience in mainland China and a well-established track record. Its recent success includes large-scale customer projects for multi-national corporations (MNCs), who trust HKT as a key technology partner for their business expansion in China and appreciate the Company’s one-stop communication solutions.
  • After a detailed study on the customer's existing network structure and business needs, HKT rapidly designed SD-WAN solutions to speed up network deployment and increase agility. This was achieved alongside the reduction of interconnection and distribution network costs while maintaining network quality. With abundant network resources, HKT’s professional teams were able to respond quickly to help the customer accelerate its digital transformation.

Customer income

  • In the first stage, the MPLS and IPSec backup solutions reduced the cost of the dedicated MPLS line backup while maintaining connection quality. In the second stage, the overall network architecture was optimised using MPLS and SD-WAN. By cutting down on the use of dedicated MPLS line bandwidth and integrating MPLS and Internet line resources, utilisation rate of line resources was improved and overall network costs were reduced by over 30%.
  • The flexible network deployment has improved network visibility through centralised control of network resources. In addition, utilising WAN lines from different providers allowed for the ion of the most appropriate path across the SD-WAN network, thereby strengthening resiliency and enhancing overall network reliability.