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HKT provides comprehensive SD-WAN solutions for Anjoy Foods Group to stabilise their network perform

Customer demand

  • Anjoy Foods Group Co Ltd. (Anjoy Foods) was established in 2001. One of the most well-known and influential frozen food companies in China, Anjoy Foods offers frozen food products including development, production and sales. It has a wide range of businesses across China and is sold in 1000 dealers and supermarket chains.
  • Anjoy Foods operates more than 10 production bases across China which leads to a vast amount of business data being transferred between headquarters and the various production bases. The quality of Anjoy Foods’ self-built internet protocol security (IPSec) could not handle the volume of work and faced unstable networking, frequent disconnections, and difficulties in operation and maintenance.
  • In addition, using an IPSec VPN required systematic training and regular upgrades, causing more workload and the allocation of extra staff resulting in high overall operating costs. Anjoy Foods needed an optimised solution urgently, due to the complicated structure of their router. They deployed the public cloud and a local data centre for hybrid cloud networking, and could not guarantee communication quality.

HKT advantage

  • HKT analysed Anjoy Foods’ network conditions, their network architecture and bandwidth, and it was clear they could no longer meet the needs of their growing operations. After discussing the situation, HKT devised an optimal solution that focused on network applications for the current stage and included future plans.
  • HKT's centralised management service shortened the deployment time and rapidly provided Anjoy Foods with a suitable solution at an accelerated pace of digital business transformation.
  • With their years of experience and technology in business operations, HKT were able to deliver a comprehensive SD-WAN solution for Anjoy Foods that solved the connection problems between the public cloud and local IDC interconnections and their production bases, and headquarters.

Customer income

  • HKT's SD-WAN solution provided one-stop network planning that significantly improved the quality of Anjoy Foods’ customer network access, made data transmission speeds and networking more stable and reliable, improved their overall network usage efficiency, and reduced network bandwidth costs. The flexible hybrid-cloud solution has helped to migrate Anjoy Foods to a cloud system for intelligent manufacturing.
  • HKT also provided a Security Socket Layer VPN (SSL VPN) to replace Anjoy Foods’ IPSec VPN, through simple and easy-to-use methods that allowed staff to be remote and secure and still work productively at anytime from anywhere while significantly improving efficiency.
  • An easy-to-access unified management platform and zero-touch provisioning of SD-WAN, enables rapid deployment and data analysis to monitor data transmission which simplifies network management and monitoring, reduces costs and increases efficiency.
  • Mr Shi, the Chief Information Officer of Anjoy Foods Group, said, “Over the past few years we have been dedicated to promoting the development of the Group's digitalisation. HKT's SD-WAN solutions have helped spur this transformation. They offer a centralised management platform with high visibility that can improve our network planning and monitoring. Our employees are also able to respond faster and ensure the stability and security of our company network.”