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HKT helps a renowned global paint supplier boost its network performance

Customer demand

  • The customer is a global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty materials. Headquartered in the United States, it operates in over 70 countries around the world, including Europe and China.
  • The customer was having some communication problems with its China branches in Shenzhen and Shanghai branches, also they have to exchange data frequently with the U.S. headquarters, however, cross-border communications were often interrupted due to unstable network performance, and this badly affected the customer’s working efficiency. This was especially critical when accessing overseas applications such as Microsoft Teams, and doing color matching with the headquarters and other overseas offices.
  • The customer used network services provided by several network operators due to different needs, and this added to the difficulty of achieving smooth centralized management of all network services

HKT advantage

  • The customer approached HKT for a solution. HKT has abundant network resources in Greater China and more than 160 countries and regions around the globe with backbone IP network and land and submarine cables extending right across the Greater China region and other major cities in the world. This enables enterprises to optimize connections between their regional branches in mainland China and their overseas headquarters, thus improving their overall network performance and the efficiency of their daily operations.
  • The Premium Internet (PI) solution provided by HKT fully utilizes the outstanding network resources of the group, and deliver 10M-1G of private line bandwidth. This enables the customer to get over the bottleneck problem in outbound bandwidth, and ensures a speedy internet access with low latency and an almost zero data packet loss rate.

Customer income

  • After adopting HKT’s PI solution, the customer was able to overcome their bottleneck problems in outbound bandwidth and enjoy significantly improved stability and performance when accessing overseas applications.
  • The customer is now able to do real-time color matching with it s overseas offices and headquarters in a smooth and uninterrupted network environment with much enhanced efficiency.
  • In addition, HKT also provides a one-stop solution to facilitate a centralized and convenient network service management for the customer to manage all its branches with ease.