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HKT awarded as “Excellent Solution Provider in China’s Energy and Chemical Industry”

2021-08-02 -Beijing -The fourth China Energy and Chemical Industry CIO Innovation Development Forum

From 30-31 July 2021, the fourth “China Energy and Chemical Industry CIO Innovation Development Forum” was held in Beijing. About 200 guests, including industry experts, CIOs and solution manufacturers were invited to share their advice and perspectives on the development of the industry. HKT was also invited to the event. As a leading one-stop ICT service provider, HKT boasts a wealth of customer resources in the energy and chemical industry.

The forum features discussion on hot topics during the 14th Five-year Planning Period, such as digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, big data, and information security. Relevant entities of manufacturing, scientific research, design & equipment and IT came to the event for exchanging experience, illustrating their achievements, and jointly discussing the sustainable development of the energy and chemical industry. Promoting the digital transformation of the industry requires the cooperation of various parties, which shall jointly promote the combination and implementation of digital technology and industrial application scenarios. By so doing, enterprises along the industry chain can give full play to their respective advantages and form an efficient and collaborative innovation ecosystem, which will effectively help industrial companies improve process efficiency and energy efficiency.

Therefore, full IT application by enterprises plays a crucial role in digital transformation. HKT has rich ICT experience in serving various corporate customers, with the energy and chemical industry being one of its key markets. HKT set up a booth at the forum to share industry experience with participants and to showcase its high-quality products and service advantages. In addition to the existing solutions such as SD-WAN services, IPVPN, Premium Internet, and MPCS multi-party communication, HKT’s total solution of Managed Services is another highlight, including networks, security, storage server, and unified collaboration. The Managed Wi-Fi service, which it has pioneered, enables customers in various industries, including the energy and chemical industry, to centrally deploy and manage their Wi-Fi facilities. That, seamlessly bundled with HKT’s rich offerings in the domain, provides one-stop high-quality value-added telecommunications services.

In view of HKT’s own solution advantages and its contributions to the energy and chemical industry, upon evaluation by the forum organiser, industry experts and other parties, HKT has been awarded as an “Excellent Solution Provider in China’s Energy and Chemical Industry”, which proves its leadership among the industry. HKT will continue its efforts to provide more corporate customers with comprehensive network deployment and a series of value-added services, which will enable corporate customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency and to develop their global businesses in a smooth and worry-free manner.

(Enthusiastic exchanges at the HKT booth)

(HKT award moment)