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HKT and Jiangmen Association of CIO join hands in facilitating cost saving for enterprises

2020-07-04 -Jiangmen

On 4 July 2020, HKT joined hands with Jiangmen Association of Chief Information Officers (CIO) to hold the “Corporate Digital Transformation Forum 2020 and Excellent CIO Award Ceremony 2019” in Jiangmen.  The event was themed “innovation, development, cooperation and win-win strategy”, 40 corporate IT professionals conducted in-depth discussions on digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

FANG Jeng, South China Pre-sales Solution Consultant at HKT, shared his professional insights with the audience, by elaborating the challenges encountered by traditional network technologies and describing how HKT’s SD-WAN service could reduce costs and enhance efficiency for clients.  To address the rising demand for global economic digital transformation in the new era of smart transformation, HKT offers all-round network deployment services with customized agile solutions for different industries and network optimization for different regions. These services are made available by leveraging HKT’s strong global network covering over 160 countries and regions around the world, world-class telecommunication solutions as well as a comprehensive range of premium products such as IP Virtual Private Network (VPN), Premium Internet service (PI), and SD-WAN service.

(FANG Jeng, South China Pre-sales Solution Consultant at HKT, introduces the SD-WAN service.)

HKT had a booth on site to exchange latest industry information with participants as well as exploring potential business opportunities.  HKT experts also introduced the participants on the capabilities and strengths of HKT in network service.

(A group photo of CIOs at the forum)

To thank HKT for its long-term close cooperation, Jiangmen Association of CIO presented the “Excellent Service Provider Award for 2019/2020” to HKT as a souvenir at the end of this annual event.  In order to respond to China’s call for digitalization and artificial intelligence, more and more enterprises in Jiangmen are likely to speed up their smart digitalization process by drawing on HKT’s global coverage and reliable network and its professional technical support team, so as to expand their overseas market presence and explore more business opportunities.

(On behalf of HKT, South China Assistant Regional Sales Manager WONG Sek-wan (fourth from left) receives the “Excellent Service Provider Award for 2019/2020” in the presence of CIOs.)