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HKT showcased its robust GBA network coverage in GIDC

2020-11-16 -Shenzhen -2020 Global Internet Data Conference (GIDC)

On 12 November, 2020 Global Internet Data Conference (GIDC) and the 6th South China Data Center Summit was held successfully in Shenzhen, attracting more than 500 professionals from industries. HKT was invited as one of the partners in the establishment of a technology sharing platform to build a digitalized industrial ecology. Focused on the most popular trends today, including “new infrastructure”, “edge computing” and “digital economy”, the industry summit explored policy capital, data resources, application scenarios, etc., highlighting the competitive strength of the Greater Bay Area in the future structure of globalized development.

(The showcase area of the summit bustling with crowds of people)

The turmoil in the global economic environment and COVID-19 resulted in substantial impact on the traditional offline economy.  Nevertheless, opportunities arise from crisis. The pandemic has also given rise to many Internet-based industries. For example, vertical sectors including online education, online healthcare and online entertainment have risen, while working from home has become popular in all industries quickly. In the meantime, the year 2020 is an important milestone as it marks the first anniversary of 5G licensing. The fast development of 5G infrastructure, combined with the application and support of Internet scenarios, the transformation of the trend of distributed data center, have become an important part of infrastructure development that drives economic recovery.

As a leader in the ICT sector, HKT is aware that the Greater Bay Area (GBA) development of new infrastructure, future industries and digital economy will make a highly influential center of innovation in high and new technologies in the world. However, this direction of development relies on the storage and computing of enormous data, while the security and stability of base layer network structure for data transmission are of utmost importance. Therefore, HKT shared our insights into network connectivity, technical empowerment, operation and maintenance with industry representatives in the showcase area at the summit. HKT aims to contribute to the formation of an ecosystem in theGBA, helping partners in industries including Internet, e-commerce, high and new technologies develop further.

(HKT’s professional team showing up in the showcase area) 


 At the summit, HKT highlighted its outstanding capability in terms of resources and talents. We have obtained qualifications including the internationally recognized ISO20000 IT management certification and ISO27001 information security management certification. In addition, all network facilities and equipment are connected to the quality network of HKT worldwide, enabling interconnectivity and sharing of resources. Moreover, HKT has offices in four core cities in the GBA including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. HKT’s large specialized ICT team is familiar with the service level and technical requirements in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Capitalizing on its extensive experience in projects, the team is able to help customers through one-stop solutions ranging from consulting to network support, after-sales response and service management. HKT provides unified management compliant with international standards, reducing the burden on the IT department of customers in operation and maintenance.