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HKT optimises the network deployment of a property group with an integrated SD-WAN solution

Customer demand

  • The customer was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1996, and its subsidiaries have been involved in property investment and development in Hong Kong since 1978. As a world-class property developer with significant investments in mainland China and Hong Kong, the company had become a leading real estate development enterprise, while providing professional property management services.
  • The customer’s network communications between the Hong Kong headquarter, 10 offices in China and a data center were set up. With the requirements of the company’s business expansion and IT integrated deployment management, as a result, it used HKT’s SD-WAN services to integrate all its offices and branches into a unified network to improve the quality and speed of access to business applications and public cloud platforms.

HKT advantage

  • HKT's MPLS VPN solution has been widely adopted to provide secure and stable networks, professional service quality are greatly appreciated by customers. HKT provides diversified digital solutions with full compliances that answers customers' complex business system needs at various sites.
  • HKT offers end-to-end service support and closely liaises with each customer's IT team from the preliminary consultation, through testing, to the final evaluation stage of the project and provides a large amount of data support on various detailed requirements.
  • HKT’s technical teams are experienced in solving IT business difficulties in its different offices and branches by integrating relevant resources to provide strong support for the customer’s IT team to improve their overall network deployment.

Customer income

  • After the customer implemented the HKT SD-WAN solution with Internet access, its network investment cost was reduced by more than 50%. In addition, the customer optimised its network deployment with fast-connection, multi-cloud services so different applications could be diverted according to usage needs with an efficient interconnection between its headquarters and its branches.
  • The business-class bandwidth of high-quality Internet access helped the customer with smooth usage of different overseas SaaS applications and achieved an almost zero packet loss rate.
  • Connection between the customer’s cloud platforms was much faster and also catered for large files and business applications with safe and stable transmission, as well as low-latency access to the core business systems in its headquarters to ensure the safety of its sensitive data.
  • The customer will further expand its bandwidth requirements and add SD-WAN nodes, to make sure all its sites can be accessed by Internet.