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HKT Empowers Brands Going Global Effectively

2021-09-08 -Shenzhen -2021 Global Product and Growth Conference

In today’s era of global integration, internet companies are no longer focusing on the domestic market. Going global is the key to long-term development. On 8-9 September, the 2021 Product And Growth Conference was held by YFCH in Shenzhen. The high-class event was attended by around a hundred masters, technical leaders and frontline experts in international Internet products, as well as some 1,000 product and technical products in the “going global” circle. Invited to the event, HKT presented one-stop professional network solutions to brands intended to expand overseas operations, helping Internet companies in China to better go global.

Thanks to the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in recent years, comprehensive cooperation and integration of regional economies have been enhanced, which provides good opportunities and policy support for Chinese Internet companies going global. Such companies are mainly concentrated in the industries of tools and e-commerce, which have less to do with culture. As a result, these companies have become the pioneers in global expansion with their unique advantages. On the other hand, companies of online games, streaming entertainment and Internet finance are growing rapidly, contributing to the constant expansion of global presence.

However, in the process of going global, enterprises always encounter challenges and problems, including legal and cultural differences, competition, and cross-border interconnection. Before actual business implementation, IT experts of these companies need to make planning and deployment to address a number of challenges, such as how to legally access overseas websites, to speed up overseas SaaS or cloud applications, to store and acquire overseas business data, and to enable the interconnection between offices at home and abroad.

As an ICT service provider with substantial experience, HKT provides professional network solutions with experts. HKT offers prompt solutions to solve customers’ pain points, such as slow cross-border access, difficult cloud access and unreliable data storage overseas. With network resources covering more than 3,000 urban areas in over 160 countries around the world, HKT empowers brands going global effectively, as well as in-depth cooperation with public cloud platforms at home and abroad.

HKT representatives attended the event to discuss with corporate customers