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HKT Helps Foshan Drive Digital Transformation and Intelligent Manufacturing

2021-03-29 -Foshan -Digital Innovation Conference 2021 & General Meeting 2020 of Foshan Information Industry Association

Digital Innovation Conference 2021 and General Meeting 2020 of Foshan Information Industry Association were held successfully on 26 March. With the theme of “Drive digital transformation through innovation and lead quality development with intelligence”, the conference invited government officers, renowned experts, representatives of industry-leading enterprises, college teachers, etc. to deliver speeches on hot topics including E-government, new infrastructure for digital economy, quantum security technology, innovative applications for digital an intelligence industries, new ecosystem and opportunities of the digital industry. At the concurrent General Meeting 2020 of Foshan Information Industry Association, more than 600 elites gathered and shared industrial expertise amid an enthusiastic atmosphere. Participants could realize that in this era of digital economy, it was imperative to carry out an industrial revolution in order to keep up with times. In respect of the realization, it will be closely related to hot topics such as digital transformation and intelligent innovation, but all need to be supported by a fast and stable network. As a world-leading telecom service provider, HKT was invited to stage a show at the conference, sharing its one-stop ICT solutions which would drive digital transformation and lead the manufacturing industry on the path to intelligent revolution.

(Elites gathered at the conference)

The Guangdong Province Development Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing (2015-2025) announced by the state showed the determination to build Guangdong Province as a benchmark of intelligent manufacturing and high-quality development. In the next year, the government began to companies to carry out pilot projects of intelligent manufacturing, with a view to implementing intelligent development process, reducing operating costs, shortening R&D cycle, increasing production efficiency and lowering the defect rates of products. Moving into 2021, the government’s continued efforts to promote the plan bring about opportunities. Of the 88 pilot projects, 13 are located in Foshan, which testifies that Foshan is a city vibrant with opportunities as it is one of the key cities in Guangdong Province that benefit from the policy incentive. As a matter of fact, the manufacturing industry in Foshan is highly developed, while the government has spared no efforts to optimize the operating environment for manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, millions to ten millions of units of intelligent equipment and industrial robots have been deployed in Foshan, laying a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading.

With a view to keeping industry elites informed of the latest trends in the telecom industry and answering various questions, HKT set up a booth at the conference to introduce our capabilities and advantages in network service, thereby helping enterprises capture opportunities and expand their business. Through the sharing, industry elites recognized that a fast and robust network was the prerequisite for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As a world-leading telecom service provider, HKT operates a powerful network covering more than 150 countries worldwide and more than 360 cities in China. Its product series, including IP VPN, private data line, Premium Internet and SD-WAN service, are highly commended. With such strength, HKT is well positioned to work with enterprises to implement plans for intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading in the new era of intelligent transformation.

(At the booth, HKT salesmen explained to participants how to utilize HKT ICT solution to drive the digital transformation for the manufacturing industry in Foshan)

On the same evening, Foshan Information Industry Association awarded HKT the “Best Partner” crystal cup, in recognition again of HKT’s contribution to the digital transformation of Foshan in response to national policy. HKT has set up offices in core cities in Mainland China many years ago. Having explored the market for years, we not only have a professional service team, but also have gained considerable localized experience. We help customers solve various difficult ICT problems, enabling them to rest assured on the path to digital transformation.

(HKT representative received the “Best Partner” crystal cup at the general meeting)