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HKT Leads a New Chapter of IT Development for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

2021-03-22 -Chengdu -CIAPH

On 18 to 19 March 2021, the most highly anticipated 9th CIAPH Informatization Summit for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry was held in Chengdu, the “Land of Abundance”,attracting more than 400 IT professionals in the industry across the country. With the theme “Digitization marks a new starting point”, the summit explored the new potential in three main areas including circulation,R&D and production in light of changes in the industry following the pandemic.

HKT and a number of IT service providers shared with participants the most cutting-edge technologies for pharmaceutical enterprises . We also exchanged views with IT officers of leading pharmaceutical enterprises invited, including Kelun Pharmaceutical, Fosun Pharma, Innovent and CR Sanjiu, learning from their experiences and cases sharing indifferent aspects.


(A large number of industry professionals gathered at the lively venue of the CIAPH summit)

During pandemic period, information technology has played an important role which is a new starting point in various fields for the pharmaceutical industry in China. In “IDC Future Scape: Global Healthcare Industry Forecast for 2021 -China's Enlightenment” published by IDC at the end of 2020, it was predicted that by 2023, 65% of patients would receive medical service through digital medical portals. In the meantime, online remote medical service and clinical trials will increase the spending of medical institutions and life science companies on Internet medical technologies by 50%. The new model of integrated medical services will support the application of a variety of new technologies such as medical imaging AI, Clinical decision support system (CDSS), smart wearable devices and big data platform of medical information, building a patient-centered medical and healthcare system.

This brand new “Internet + medicine” model has also posed new challenges to pharmaceutical enterprises in the processes of R&D.Enterprises need to integrate intelligent manufacturing thoroughly in the processes of development and manufacturing to enable the connectivity of network, data and equipment, thereby reducing risks while increasing efficiency. However, the key to improving the acquisition, participation and experience of full-process service is to have the support from an ICT operator that has enormous global network resources and stable network performance, so that an enterprise can stand out from the crowd in areas including frequent data exchange, use of remote device and connectivity among branches.


(Guests to the summit inquiring HKT’s expert team about its service capacity in the medical and pharmaceutical industry)

HKT provides pharmaceutical enterprises with a series of network solutions, meeting the need of pharmaceutical enterprise for digital development, and achieving stable,secure and fast connectivity. Our professional advisors on site also introduced the solutions adopted by a number of leading pharmaceutical enterprises which cooperated with HKT. For example, through the IPVPN and VC system reconstruction implemented by HKT, different nationwide branches of pharmaceutical enterprises are able to communicate effectively through online communication such as videoconferencing and remote teaching. Smooth and stable video and voice stream is achieved, without any barrier. In addition, as R&D teams need to access cloud platforms, technical websites, etc. in other regions to obtain industry s, HKT’s Premium Internet, combined with SD-WAN solution, optimizes the network resources of pharmaceutical enterprises and increases the speed of access and improves network performance, thereby enhancing the work efficiency of pharmaceutical enterprises significantly.