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HKT Discusses Important Initiatives with CEOs of the IDC Industry at a Gala in the Land of Abundance


The First IDC Industry Summit Forum promoted and hosted by Hebei Dingdian Internet was held in Chengdu on 19 September 2019. Industry representatives from HKT gathered with more than 300 professionals and the elite of the IDC sector worldwide to explore technical innovations and the development of applications in the IDC industry, with a view to driving the growth and change of the industry through joint efforts.

(A full house of participants gathered at the summit)

According to a market survey carried out by Kezhi Advisors of “China IDC Quan” this year, the IDC business in China has been growing for the past five years. In 2018 the IDC market exceeded RMB120 billion. Given the increasingly widespread trend of digital transformation, more and more enterprises are transferring their workload and critical applications to public cloud platforms to obtain better cost efficiencies and more flexibility to grow. However, when using cross-border and multi-regional service schemes, they often face problems related to network performance. So many enterprises are considering options other than the public Internet. In addition to traditional data hosting businesses, how to connect to the world and realize unobstructed and efficient data access has become a major issue for expanding enterprises.

(Larry Wong, Head of HKT China Commercial & CPE Business (third from right) and representatives from the industry receive trophies in celebration of the gala)

Bowie Chan , HKT Senior Business Development Manager, as a representative from Hong Kong, introduced to the guests the strengths of Hong Kong as a modern telecom hub in his speech on “The New Definition of Data Center Connectivity”. Hong Kong owns as many as 11 submarine cables, which are important “high-speed portal” for data. It even plays the role of a “super connector” in important strategic initiatives including the “Belt and Road” and the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”. It serves as an important gateway connecting mainland China and the world.


(Bowie Chan of HKT shares on site the strengths of Hong Kong in the IDC industry)

As the top local telecom service provider in Hong Kong, HKT is committed to providing customers with one-stop services ranging from network connectivity, hosting service and system integration to service management. In response to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, HKT worked with 18 of the world’s leading international telecom service providers to lay the 25,000-km AAE-1 (Asia Africa Europe-1) cable, which was the first high-capacity submarine cable connecting major Southeast Asia countries to Africa and Europe via the Middle East.

With a prime backbone network covering more than 160 countries and regions across the globe, HKT ensures that enterprises can enjoy a quality network environment, and accelerate their bandwidth expansion for international Internet gateways and increase their traffic conversion ability. 

HKT has also joined hands with its partners to provide Multi Cloud Fast Connect, enabling direct and high-speed connection between various cloud platforms across different locations and seamless cross-regional data transmission. This series of quality connection services, in conjunction with HKT’s SkyExchange in established networked parks, enables customers including multinational enterprises, financial institutions and service providers to be interconnected with a plentiful ecology. 

The difficulty in IT operation and maintenance may be minimized while operating efficiency may be maximized if the network connection, facility management and service operation and maintenance of an enterprise are provided and managed by the same provider in a uniform manner.