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HKT helps enterprises digitize at the Asian Financial Forum

2019-01-17 -Hong Kong -Asian Financial Forum

The 12th Asian Financial Forum was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14-15 January 2019. Jointly organized by the HK Government and the HKTDC under the theme of "Creating a sustainable and inclusive future", the forum launched a FinTech Showcase for the first time. Over 130 financial policymakers, business leaders, and investors shared their insights on future trends in the financial industry.

HKT was invited for the second consecutive year to be the “network partner” for the forum and provide Wi-Fi service at the venue. The service enabled participants to enjoy an excellent network experience, access the special forum app, and interact with the speakers on a real-time basis.

(The HKT booth promoted the company's latest products and services)

In response to the new focus on financial innovation, HKT hosted a booth at the FinTech Showcase to present the company's achievements in helping enterprises accomplish financial digitization. In addition to using innovative technologies such as digital payments to demonstrate the company’s front-end experience, HKT also introduced its back-end one-stop ICT solutions, including its dedicated enterprise network in the Greater China Region, data security infrastructure, information security equipment, management services, and system integration.

In recent years, finance and technology have been the two main engines driving the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (the "Greater Bay Area"). Strenuous efforts to promote the application of technologies such as AI, Blockchain,mobile payments, network security and virtual banking, has enhanced the flow of capital, talent and technology to the area.

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, noted in her opening remarks at the forum that Hong Kong was making every effort to drive the development of the fintech industry and was also planning to establish a platform for green finance . Connections to fintech enterprises in countries and regions including the Middle-East and South America will also be established.

In the meantime, the first virtual bank licenses will be granted in the first quarter of 2019. Efforts are also being made to issue green bonds in the first half of the year, with a view to enhancing the competitive strength of Hong Kong as a financial metropolis.

(Chief Executive Carrie Lam making her opening remarks at the forum)

The Innotalk workshop "Building a Successful Digital Finance Business in the Greater BayArea with a Robust Secure Network" was held on the second day of the forum. HKT contributed to the  discussion with specialists from Deloitte China, the Hong Kong Computer Society and Splunk. Together, they explored the main trends and challenges in the digitized financial business in the Greater Bay Area.

Larry Wong, Head of China Commercial Business for HKT, presented data during his opening remarks to show guests that the Greater Bay Area, while accounting for less than 1% of the total area of the country, contributed 13% of the country's GDP.This clearly showed the large market size and growth potential of the Greater Bay Area.

One of the advantages for industries in the Greater Bay Area is that the financial industry may utilize digital means to connect to the world through its platform.

Peter Koo,a Partner and National Leader of the IT Advisory and Assurance Services,Deloitte China; Ricky Woo, Convenor of the Cyber Security Specialist Group at the Hong Kong Computer Society; Paul Pang, the Principal Security Strategist for APAC at Splunk; and Gilbert Mak, the Vice President of China Commercial Business, at HKT, all gave insightful speeches on the challenges and issues in areas such as regulatory laws, data security and the network environment which have arisen during cross-border financial digitization.

They also introduced HKT's fast and highly efficient cross-border network in the Greater Bay Area,which is supported by comprehensive network solutions, and is helping numerous enterprises to quickly deploy digitized businesses in the Greater Bay Area.

(The Innotalk workshop hosted by HKT attracted many representatives from the business sector)

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