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HKT acts as the ICT pioneer driving digital transformation in North China

2020-11-26 -Beijing

On 25 November, HKT was invitedto sponsor China Digital Innovation Expo (Beijing). The expo was held at Fairmont Hotel Beijing, nearly 50 IT participants from leading enterprises in North China including Beijing and Tianjin.

Given the development of information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, RPA, middle ground strategy, big data and IoT, enterprises increasingly value the deployment of digital technologies. As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, moreand more enterprises have come to realize that the improvement and empowerment of digital capability is the key to enhancing the core competitive strength ofenterprises and driving business growth. In the meantime, IT managers who havean insight into and practice digitalization will embrace a new break point and opportunity. This seminar invited experts in digital transformation, representatives of leading enterprises in North China and providers of digital solutions. The event focused on topics including newgrowth of enterprises in the digital age, new marketing models and new applicationsof digital technologies.

At the exhibition booth on site, the staff introduced to guests HKT’s solutions including Premium Internet, IP VPN, SD-WAN and dedicated data lines. Through powerful and quality networks in 160 countries around the globe, HKT provides various enterprises with sophisticated network deployment and a series of value-added services. In the role of a “super network service provider”, HKT helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. With extensive ICT expertise, HKT’s professionals enable customers to carry out business worldwide smoothly and implement digital transformation successfully. HKTstaff shared successful cases with guests, who benefited significantly from the discussion and interaction.


 (Enthusiastic sharing at HKT’s exhibition booth)