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HKT’s network facility management helps the game industry go global

2020-11-05 -Shenzhen -2nd Global Game Cooperation Conference (GGCC)

On 5 November, HKT attended the 2nd Global Game Cooperation Conference (GGCC) held by Kchuhai upon invitation. Aiming to help the game industry of China go global, the event attracted approximately 1,500 CIOs and industry leaders. At the conference, speakers shared front-end information related to going global. In light of the current situation of key areas of going global, the speakers analyzed hot topics on international issues, helping developers better understand overseas markets and solve problems related to going global.

According to a report published by the Game Publishing Committee (GPC) and China Game Industry Research Institute on 16 October, the actual sales of the game market of China amounted to RMB68.522 billion in the third quarter of 2020, representing a growth of 3.37% over the preceding quarter. The game industry showed a recovery following the pandemic because of the effect of “stay-at-home culture” formed during the pandemic. However, it is generally believed that the industry is experiencing the topping out of momentum and excessive demand. Since 2019, the game industry in China has moved into a stage of slow development of the scale of users. The growth of new users shows a steady trend. Players in the industry mainly compete for existing users. The scale of users in the third quarter of 2020 increased by merely 3.66 million or 0.56% compared with the second quarter. Given the loss of momentum brought by mobile Internet and the slow growth of users in Mainland China, the only way out for game enterprises is to go global. 

(HKT set up an exhibition booth on site to introduce outstanding success cases and the advantages of IDC service to participants)

In light of this, HKT set up an exhibition booth at the conference to share with participating enterprises solutions for network facility management and latest information of the game industry, and to explore potential opportunities. As one of the top telecom service providers in Hong Kong, HKT is committed to providing customers with one-stop services ranging from network connectivity, data hosting and system integration to service management. HKT’s quality backbone network that covers more than 160 countries and regions worldwide can ensure game enterprises to enjoy high-quality network application environment, accelerate the expansion of the bandwidth for international access and increase the ability to convert flows.

On the other hand, HKT worked with other partners to provide Multi Cloud FAST Connect, thereby helping customers achieve direct and high-speed connectivity among multiple locations and cloud platforms, enabling seamless cross-regional data transmission. This series of quality connectivity services, combined with HKT’s network facility management center, allow customers including game enterprises and service providers worldwide to set up connectivity with a diverse ecosystem. The network connection, facility management and the operation and maintenance of service are provided by the same provider and managed in a unified manner, which minimizes the difficulty of IT operation and maintenance while maximizing the operating efficiency of enterprises.