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Seeking new opportunities in the post-pandemic era by enhancing collaboration

2020-05-14 -Shenzhen

While causing a severe impact on all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has driven the process of informational and digitization for enterprises onto a fast track. On 14 May 2020, HKT co-organised with Yealink  to held a CIO live broadcast for members of Shenzhen CIO Association with the theme “The key to cost reduction and profit increase for enterprises: network integration and work collaboration, the event provided IT managers with solutions for IT challenges such as the control of management costs and improvement in communication efficiency. 

In the sharing themed “Overcoming network challenges during the pandemic period and increasing the agility of global business of enterprises”, Devin Cheng, Senior Product Manager from Commercial Customer Department of HKT, drawing on HKT’s years of experience in the industry in Greater China and its insight, shared the industry cases with participants to that how holistic ICT solutions be deployed for healthcare, education, retail and online entertainment industries etc. amid the pandemic. Facing up to the uncertainties of COVID-19, enterprises need more flexible network solutions to cope ensure business continuity.


(Devin Cheng sharing and interacting with online participants)

In respect of communication between different regions, many enterprises found that it was difficult to ensure unobstructed data transmission, delay and disconnection during the video conferencing and accessing to cloud applications such as OA, ERP and CRM.

HKT’s Premium Internet service is dedicated to the access to overseas applications, it ensures to cater high traffic and achieves low latency, low jitter and zero packet loss rate. During the pandemic period, HKT offered enterprises with remote access platforms to enable their employees to enjoy quality and reliable network via mobile phones or PC clients.

In addition, in response to the needs of enterprises for the optimization of cost efficiency, HKT’s SD-WAN service integrated with one-stop solutions including IPVPN, Internet, Multi Cloud FAST Connect and backbone acceleration, thereby maximizing the bandwidth utilization of each line for customers, improving the quality of transmission channels and bringing customers outstanding performance of global networks without bottlenecks, an experience can be comparable to dedicated lines.

Meanwhile, Huang Junhai, Technical Manager from South China Region of Yealink, introduced UME, Yealink’s new generation of work collaboration solution which combines features including instant messaging, organizational chart, audio and video conferencing, schedule management and application convergence. In addition, the solution provides multiple mechanisms for information security protection and enables multi-site and multi-system access, helping various enterprises increase communication efficiency.