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HKT Attends the 2018 HKEx Hosting Services Ecosystem Forum

2018-08-24 -Hong Kong -2018 HKEx Hosting Services Ecosystem Forum
On 23 August 2018, HKT attended the 2018 HKEx Hosting Services Ecosystem Forum. As an annual event for the banking and finance industry, the forum aimed to showcase the latest technical solutions for information and communication available in China and overseas to industry practitioners. 

As one of the members of the HKEx’s Hosting Services Ecosystem, HKT proposed a number of plans to address the demand for network connectivity, and showcased service solutions and successful cases as testimony to its extensive experience in serving the ICT sector. 

By operating a comprehensive network of submarine and land cables that covers approximately 200 cities in the Greater China region, as well as over 150 countries and regions around the globe, HKT helps enterprises accelerate their business development.

Information technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, mobile internet and artificial intelligence, are now revolutionising the finance sector. By focusing on development schemes for new technologies and communication methods, the forum provides an ideal exchange platform for participants and IT suppliers. 

With further integration of internet and big data technologies the finance and securities industries, they are bound to create new opportunities for their future development. Against this backdrop, HKT is well positioned to provide comprehensive yet strong support to various financial institutions engaged in futures, securities and banking operations.

HKT was founded in Hong Kong and provides a wide range of one-stop ICT solutions in the Greater China region, including Premium Internet, SkyExchange – a facility managed network service, IP VPN and system integration. 

Among the many business categories it serves, HKT has always been committed to helping different types of banking and financial institutions to build financial ecosystems through the provision of ICT solutions, and in particular, through its IP VPN solutions, which are based on multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology.  HKT also provides premium layer 2 and layer 3 VPN services to its customers in the banking and finance industry. 

At its booth in the Forum, HKT staff shared many successful cases where we had arranged for the design and deployment of lower-layer networks through integrated solutions, building secure, stable, reliable and fast networks for global financial trading. In addition to connecting the workforces of its customers throughout dispersed locations using various operation-specific transmission services, HKT also provides many value-added services.

(Many representatives from the banking and finance industry attended the event.)