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4th South China Summit for Data Centre Alliance Comes to a Successful Conclusion

2018-05-18 -Shenzhen -4th South China Summit for Data Centre Alliance
On 11 May, over 1,000 members of the IDC industry gathered at the InterContinental Shenzhen to attend the grand opening of “Topping the IDC Industry – the 4th South China Summit for Data Centre Alliance” – one of the most prestigious events of the sector. Hosted by the Organizing Committee of the South China IDC Alliance with co-organizers including the Shenzhen Big Data Industry Alliance, Shenzhen Big Data Research and Development Association and the Guangzhou Royal Network Technology Co., Ltd., the summit featured a series of keynote speeches focusing on the development trend, revolution and upgrading of the IDC industry. As a leading practitioner in the ICT sector, HKT has exhibited its exceptional service experience and successful cases at the summit for the past three consecutive years, actively promoting integration and innovation for the sector.

The summit focused on how data processing systems – now used in every operational area – had become an integral part of the ordinary course of corporate business, as the rapid development in cloud computing and big data accelerated the omni-sector implementation of the “internet plus” strategy. 

While the storage, processing and computation of large volumes of data all relied on the support from a strong infrastructure, it also became increasingly important to have a fast, secure and stable lower-layer network. HKT demonstrated its outstanding capabilities in network establishment and operational maintenance at the summit. Not only has HKT obtained several internationally recognised certifications, including ISO20000 for IT management and ISO27001 for information security management, it is also able to directly connect its quality network with all relevant facilities and devices. Intrigued by HKT’s shared connectivity and resources, many professionals from the internet, e-commerce and gaming industries made enquiries and exchanged information at the summit.

By deploying experienced personnel and considerable resources for its network-based facility management solutions, not only has HKT combined IP VPN and ISP solutions to set up facility management service centres in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it has also partnered with many cloud-based service providers to ensure fast connectivity among cloud platforms, with a view to providing customers from different sectors with one-stop solutions that address all issues related to facility, network and management, as well as simplifying the otherwise complicated procedures that involve multiple operators. 

HKT spares its customers the worry of having to operate and maintain their own computer rooms by providing unified service management teams that comply with international standards. Through its one-stop network-based facility management solutions, HKT offers exclusive services such as server hosting, site rental, as well as designated tracking and monitoring.

 (HKT staff communicating with guests at the exhibition.)