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Members of the Maritime Silk Road Society visit HKT’s Network Operation Center

2018-03-12 -Hong Kong -HKT Network Operation Center

20 members of the Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRC) enjoyed a tour of the HKT Network Operation Centre in March. Co-chaired by Regina Ip and Bernard Chan, the MSRC is committed to promoting “Belt and Road” opportunities for Hong Kong. MSRC members learned how HKT's Network Operation Center (NOC) serves customer orgainzations.

Charlie Tang, HKT's Assistant Vice President of China Business Development, explained the significance of the new 21st Century digital Silk Road, and how industries are exploring overseas markets which requires network connectivity and a secure flow information flow. He described Hong Kong as a "super-connector" that links the rest of the world with mainland China, and as a first stop for Chinese companies seeking to "go global". HKT is a leading ICT service provider with a "Here to Serve" attitude and offers multi-path subsea and terrestrial cables to connect Greater China with the world's economically-developed regions.

The NOC is certified to ISO 27001 and BS 7799 standards and monitors network performance from servers to personal devices 24/7. HKT's technical team can issue early warnings and inform customers in advance of any emergency, so they can respond swiftly. 

MSRC members on the guided tour hear how HKT's Network Operation Centre monitors network performance in real time.