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The Belt and Road Initiative – Building a “Digital Silk Road” on the Internet


The Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative has long-term strategic implications for the country as it moves towards modernisation and works to maintain a leading position in the global arena.

The Digital Silk Road was first proposed by President Xi Jinping in his opening address at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. He said that China should pursue innovation-driven development and intensify cooperation in frontier areas such as the digital economy, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and quantum computing. He also encouraged the advance and development of big data, cloud computing and smart cities so as to turn them a Digital Silk Road of the 21st century.

HKT has embraced the challenge. With quality submarine and land cables covering 150 countries and regions worldwide, together with a backbone network coverage over 3,000 cities around the globe, HKT is in active collaboration with 18 international telecommunications service providers. HKT has also landed AAE-1(Asia Africa Europe-1) – the world’s first high-capacity submarine cable system that links all the major Southeast Asian nations to Asia and Europe via the Middle East.

By providing fast transmission for all data services and content applications, AAE-1 will be able to facilitate various development schemes under the Belt and Road Initiative, offering strong physical support to the successful establishment of the Digital Silk Road.

Enabled by HKT’s services, customers will see significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of data transmission. For the financial sector, HKT networks cover all major exchanges worldwide, in order to address their customers’ needs to receive first-hand information at the earliest time possible in an area that emphasises speed and efficiency. 

For the manufacturing sector, HKT’s high-capacity cables will help customers transmit large volumes of information in a timely manner, and save considerable time in the transmission of audio, video and print files, thereby improving work efficiency. 

For the retail industry, real-time video conferencing, as well as transaction and inventory control systems all require network connectivity with high-quality and stable performance.

As we find ourselves in an era where information plays an increasingly vital role, those who have the earliest access to first-hand information will likely gain the upper hand. Considering the vitality of global economic development, any enterprise with a higher vision will no doubt be in greater need for network services of premium quality.

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