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51 Talk empowered from HKT MCFC services

Customer demand

  • 51Talk is a well-known English language online education center in China, making the Internet crucial to the company's business development.
  • Connected via Alibaba Cloud, 51Talk's chain of branches required faster access to cloud platforms.

HKT advantage

  • HKT built 51Talk an MPLS VPN platform based in Beijing and able to cover locations such as Shanghai, Wuhan and the Philippines.
  • Various HKT teams worked together in a spirit of genuine innovation to meet the client's needs.

Customer income

  • All 51Talk locations were equipped with video conferencing, ERP, email and various operating systems. The end result was that data could be transmitted via cloud platforms in a secure, fast and stable manner, thanks to HKT Multi Cloud FAST Connect service.
  • HKT's solution enabled 51Talk to reduce network costs and manage its entire network with far greater ease.
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