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IEPL & SkyExchange project for Haitong Futures

Customer demand

  • A leading futures company in mainland China intended to establish an overseas unit to carry out cross-border business with a focus on Hong Kong, while establishing a futures trading platform connecting Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chicago.
  • A low-latency connection was required between Hong Kong and Shanghai to ensure smooth business operations and data transmission.

HKT advantage

  • An IEPL cross-border line solution, combined with low latency path and high-quality resources in Hong Kong, meets the needs of the financial industry and provides a one-stop services.
  • HKT SkyExchange was able to deploy a customer network quickly and provided top-notch technical support, which match co-location and network connectivity needs.
  • HKT capitalized on its experience serving the HKEx “financial ecosystem” to address Haitong Futures' requirements.

Customer income

  • Business was established rapidly in Hong Kong and was soon conducting productive cross-border futures business, creating growth for the group.
  • One-stop IT management boosted efficiency and enabled Haitong Futures to focus on everyday business development.
  • Steady growth in Hong Kong prompted Haitong Futures to use HKT's worldwide network to enter Singapore's futures market and introduce Chinese customers to the global financial center.
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