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HKT enhances Internet Connectivity for a Pharmaceutical Company

Customer demand

  • One of the global 500 companies headquartered in Germany. The company comprises of 120,000 employees and 350 branches. Establishing 750 factories in 200 cities among 6 continents.
  • Its existing internet service provider in mainland China failed to support the rapid development of the company. To boost Office 365 and the accessibility of other websites, there is urgent need for the company to have better connectivity solutions.

HKT advantage

  • HKT has rich experience of serving global 500 companies. According to customer requirements, HKT project team customized total solution through multiple meetings with customer’s project team from overseas.
  • Despite the complexity of the company’s existing network architecture, HKT provided a customized total solution which is highly recognized by customer’s different departments.

Customer income

  • Increased its network speed of mission-critical applications such as Office 365 in mainland China.
  • Enhanced connectivity to internet and better control on network performance.