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HKT provides Mitsubishi Electric with a leased circuit solution

Customer demand

  • Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in electrical and electro-mechanical products and systems, and is constantly expanding.
  • The company has many subsidiaries in mainland China and Hong Kong, with a high demand for voice and video data transmission. It thus needs safe and reliable network connectivity and highly-scalable bandwidth.

HKT advantage

  • HKT has rich network resources in Greater China and provides redundant roundabout lines, so customers never need to worry about coverage or reliability.
  • Our direct connect solution enables end-to-end management and 24/7 monitoring, thereby providing Mitsubishi Electric with a highly-stable service. Operational staff monitor network flows and leased equipment, providing efficient network management.

Customer income

  • HKT's solutions provided Mitsubishi Electric access to network connectivity via short routes with minimum delay. Data is transmitted quickly to domestic subsidiaries, thereby boosting efficiency and communications effectiveness.
  • A powerful network management platform allows customers to assess network quality, adjust bandwidth flexibly, and existing network plans as they expand.
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